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gratitude leads to joy I am keshet

Crystals, gemstones and plants are the primary elements we use to create our works of art. These elements have been used for many centuries to heal. More than 3,000 years ago, the Jewish people believed that a gemstone could hold power and we used a gem for each of the 12 tribes. The Hoshen was a breastplate worn by a high priest and there were stones placed in it. These stones were used to determine the will of Hashem in a particular situation .

“And you shall set it with four rows of mounted stones; the first row: a ruby, an emerald, and a topaz. The second row: a carbuncle, a sapphire, and a quartz crystal. The third row: a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst. The fourth row: a chrysolite, an onyx, and an opal. These stones shall be placed in gold settings. The stones shall contain the names of the twelve children of Israel, one for each of the twelve stones; each one’s name shall be engraved as on a signet ring, to represent the twelve tribes.” (Ex. 28: 17-21)

These are some of the historical beliefs of some crystals and gemstones: 

Is a grounding stone and was used for good for protecting the wearer from psychic attacks & abuse
* Root Chakra

Mother of Pearl:
Was believed to bring harmony in relationships, calm the wearer from emotional situations, promote cooperation and imagination *Heart Chakra

Baroque Fresh Water Pearl:

Was anciently believed to give the wearer a sense of calmness and centeredness, promoted faith, loyalty, truth and purity, enhanced, personal integrity,  * Heart Chakra

Protection from outside negativity, eases panic attacks, increases self confidence and encourages emotional stability * All Chakras

Tiger Eye:
Attracts wealth and property, helps us recognize our talents and accomplish goals *Solar Plexus Chakra

Rainbow Moonstone:
Stone of new beginnings and opportunity, Calms emotions and nervous system, Encourages the wearer to let go of what no longer serves them, aids the female hormonal system *Third eye Chakra

Stone of protection, intuition, strength, stimulates the imagination and helps the wearer overcome creative blocks *All Chakras

Wonderful stone for balancing female energies, encourages the wearer to speak from the heart, promotes compassion, soothes negative energy and stress * Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz:
Stone of unconditional love, encourages love, trust and forgiveness, opens your heart to share and receive love and kindness *Heart Chakra

Crazy Lace Agate:
This is a balancing and protecting stone. It brings laughter, absorbs emotional pain and helps one stay focused. Crazy Lace Agate is used to help with decision making by balancing the physical, emotional, and mental so that it is easy to make decisions.

Stone of manifestation, attracts wealth and prosperity, increases self esteem and confidence, reduces worries and fears, inspires spiritual growth, *Crown Chakra

Decreases anxiety, releases one from self destruction to themselves and to others, calms & balances emotional shock to the wearer, stimulates forgiveness and unconditional love inward and outwards *Heart Chakra

Ice Quartz:
Balances and purifies energy, helps the wearer overcome negativity, helps align the wearer with their soul purpose in this lifetime * All Chakras

Is the birthstone for May, it restores confidence and helps revive old passions. It is a great support stone for the workplace by increasing mental acuity, strengthening memory and inspires eloquence in speech. ** Heart Chakra

helps in recovering balance, and is recommended for those suffering from disorientation, lack of motivation, chronic disorganization, and distraction. It strengthens the resolve to take on responsibility and carry through, and provides self-assurance and endurance in adverse situations. It is an excellent source of energy when used for the elimination of debt and the responsible management of money.

Tourmaline is the birthstone for the month of October
Black Tourmaline:
This is a grounding and very protecting stone, a stone of purification, cleansing the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger or feelings of unworthiness. 

Pink Tourmaline:
This may help to release stress, worries, depression and anxiety. It can be used in partnership with Black Tourmaline to diffuse obsessive behavior.

Green Tourmaline:
This attracts luck, success, abundance and prosperity. It inspires creativity, and may be used to project, create and manifest one's goals. It might also increase one's opportunities to earn a second income by turning an interest or hobby into a business.

Tourmalated Quartz:
AKA tourmaline in quartz, is an excellent protective stone, and brings balance and inner strength. It deflects and grounds negativity, and reduces anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Rutilated Quartz:
This is said to be very helpful in uncovering the causes of mental issues and hang-ups. It is reputed diminishes fears and be excellent at assisting with decision-making processes. It is said that it can also ease loneliness and relieve guilt thereby bringing happiness.

Lapis Lazuli:
Is an excellent stone for actors, writers, lawyers and archealogists or any public performance related area, wear or carry lapis with you to interviews and auditions. In the workplace, it attracts promotion, success and lasting recognition or fame. 
*Third eye and throat chakra

This is a stone of inspiration, it enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit.
*Heart and Crown Chakra

Hematite is a stone that is most commonly and is used to ground or stabilize and for protection. It can help with original thinking, logical thinking, and mathematics, any type of thinking which requires significant mental organization.
*Root Chakra

This Bracelet was blessed with a protection spell and some crystals were given a love dip before they were put together.

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