Hello! I am Keshet which means, Rainbow in Hebrew and I live in Los Angeles, California. As a side thing, I began making crystal bracelets for crew members on set in 2016 and have always had a strong connection with God and the Angels. Now these bracelets are available to you and come with a unique angel message, an angel blessing placed over the jewelry and  a special prayer made for just you. All I require is a first name of you or the person the message is for. Each bracelet is spiritually cleansed and charged with a special protection prayer placed on it to guard the wearer in a hot pink orb of love and light. One of my most favorite people in history is Nikola Tesla: 

“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”
– Nikola Tesla


Psalm 91.11 Tanakh


"....For He will order his Angels to guard you wherever you go

They will carry you in their hands....."

Crystals and gemstones containing magical healing qualities and the ability to change one's fortune, is an ancient Jewish tradition dating back nearly 3,000 years ago.

What is an ANGEL MESSAGE? 

An “Angel Message" is a message created for you from your Angels, spirit guides and Ascended Masters, but sometimes pets and loved ones chime in to say something... It is a different experience for everyone. You will be told what you need to know the most at this stage in your soul's developing cycle. We will help you see your fears or your blocks and help you recognize and then move past those blocks so that you may move forward on your soul’s journey. There is a past present and future section, although I believe everyone has free will and your future is of your own making, but sometimes I do see clips of the future and they do come to pass.


About me!

Giving you handmade prophetic art made with crystals and gemstones. Our Angel Protection Jewelry is programmed with an Angel Protection blessing. Each piece comes with the option of an angel message just for you! It's not just jewelry, its jewelry with a message. 


We truly believe these prophetic messages and these sacred pieces of wearable art can and do make the world a better place.



I am an Angel Messenger with the ability to channel and communicate with angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, pets and loved ones remotely. During this channeling they may also show me entities or lower energies that could be trapped in your home or attached to you. We will work to fill your environment with light and remove anything that is not of divine light. You have to be ready and open to receive an angel message, you must ask for help or the Heavenly realm can't intervene. If you felt a push or desire to purchase one for a friend that means they have prayed to GOD and/or their angels for help and you may follow that divine guidance, all I require is a first name. Each jewelry item comes with an option of a unique Angel Message. 


What is an ANGEL MESSAGE? 

An “Angel Message" is a message created for you from your Angels, spirit guides and Ascended Masters, but sometimes pets and loved ones chime in to say something... It is a different experience for everyone. You will be told what you need to know the most at this stage in your soul's developing cycle. We will help you see your fears or your blocks and help you recognize and then move past those blocks so that you may move forward on your soul’s journey. There is a past present and future section, although I believe everyone has free will and your future is of your own making, but sometimes I do see clips of the future and they do come to pass. When loved ones come through I do not spend a ton of time trying to validate who they are as it can be very time consuming...the most important thing is that you get the message. Usually the FIRST person that comes to mind is the person btw. 


When doing an Angel Message, our preferable method is remote because it is best not to be distracted or influenced by a person’s unintentional cues or physical presence. When transferring messages from a different realm we prefer to work with only the client’s first name if possible. 


Please do not play with what I call portal openers such as tarot cards and definitely never touch  Ouija boards, .. as tarot cards and the like open portals unless you’ve been trained to use these tools. A saw can cut wood and you can turn it into beautiful furniture, but it could also land you in the hospital if you haven’t been properly trained to use that type of tool. So I caution you to not use tools unless you’re trained to use them. If you're a medium / clairvoyant/ sensitive etc I beg you to learn about your gifts. You’re here to do great things!


Story Time


Once I was at a haunted hayride and I saw two large lines of people lined up to get their cards read, one of the ladies had a large dinosaur demonic looking bird on her shoulder at first glance I thought this was her costume as I commented about it to my husband who did not see it, and so I realized it wasn't tangibly there. One of my spirit guides said, "do you see that thing? All those people are getting their messages from that evil bird." lol. If you see these types of things do not allow yourself to be frightened as fear is food...and you only want to grow positive energy in your environment.


When I first began to do this for others, because others kept asking me for messages lol...I did ask, who am I speaking to. A GIANT winged angel appeared in my home. This angel had long hair but a masculine presence. He told me his name. I could not see his face clearly as it was too bright. Then after that all these ancestors came from my past...lol an ancient Hebrew speaking grandma who always makes me decorate and clean and even some of my native american ancestors. I am so happy to have such wonderful guides and angels helping me and also reaching out to your guides and angels to help you as well.


This journey continues and with time I hope to get better so that I can help you. You don't need to give me a back story or background  I really only require a first name but if it is in your heart then follow those instincts! 


All of my bracelets can be sized and I do custom orders if there is a specific type of crystal you are looking for or if there is something you need but can't find just pm me and we can figure it out together. 


Please note*** I consider my "crushed crystal cuffs" and other items as wearable art and they are rough and raw like the Earth and will snag a sweater so be careful. Please take the utmost care of these ! I use  raw natural elements and these elements are porous so you can't get them wet. These pieces may tarnish over time so it's important to try to prevent that by avoiding lotion, sweat and water  from getting next to your wearable art. There are at home ways to replate the metal on your costume jewelry pieces  and even Etsy sells some kits. Mine seem fine after years when I store them in a velvet lined jewelry box. Also do not bend as you might break the crystals.


Some people believe that because a crystal contains energy, it can cure negative energy and although these things have not been scientifically proven, many have witnessed healing. Some say that everything is made of atoms and atoms are made of energy and therefore we are all just energy. My aim is to help deliver healing messages delivered from angels, ascended masters, loved ones, pets and ESPECIALLY YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES...of course this comes with a blessed object, I chose Jewelry for now. 


 It is in my personal experiences that there is a higher power, be that God, or the Universe or whatever you want to call it....and I believe there is power in prayer and power in thoughts. It is my goal to deliver a message to you from your angels. It is my belief that we have guardian angels and/or spirit guides, and/or loved ones - also even ancestors you’ve never met, my great great great grandma who “graduated” in the 1800’s comes to me in dreams sometimes... so even though they may have passed or maybe you think you never met them—but they can and want to help us. It is my belief that there are tools and aides here to guide and help direct us onto the path that we must be on. I have opened this etsy shop as a means to control my experiences with people as I feel the Universe/GOD has taken me on a roller coaster of places and through different experiences out of my control to deliver messages or pray for people. This is my way of controlling that process. This is a NEW way for me to help control my experiences with my time on earth. I hope that you find healing, peace and I hope that you enjoy these healing crystal angel bracelets and the messages that go with them. We are all on this journey together and we all must help each other stay on our divine path so that the Universe/GOD/Ourselves can teach us what we are here to learn. 


Since before I was two, I would communicate with spirit. Once when visiting family out of state, I wasn't even 2 yet and I kept going into my grandmas bedroom and my mother says I would talk away for long periods of time and my step grandpa kept asking who I was talking to and I would point and say, "grandma!":)  I love that story :) and am grateful the adults let me do it and did not have any fear. For validation for my family loved ones would visit me and I would pass information to my family without any prior knowledge of their life here on earth. I've communicated with one of my deceased grandmas since I was a baby, she would visit me in dreams and in real life. She told me many ideas that are very similar to "The Secret."  My mother urged me to tell my grandma that "this was just a dream," and I did just that but my grandmother said, "No this is not a dream." Prior to two, I couldn't speak in complete sentences. I  remember being a baby I remember the tiny apartment my parents lived, I remember them cooking together and I remember not being able to control my mouth, I couldn't say what I wanted it to say. I remember the frustration of not being able to control my body the way I wanted to. I imagine many of us stay like that even in our 80's we are sometimes incapable of fully using our minds to communicate our spiritual truth.


Experiences never stopped, despite, my best efforts. For my entire life I have communicated with and seen spirit also other things. I have been open enough to attend every church and religious synagogue that I have been invited to. I have been "saved" baptized and when I converted to Judaism, went into the Mikveh. I even took enough Judaism classes in college to earn a minor in History when I was in college.


I  would wake up almost every night with new knowledge, a book they wanted me to read, a song they wanted me to hear, or a message for someone....So that I could also sleep better, I have opened this shop so that I have set hours to help the Angels & spirit, help you. My primary guides who speak to me and give me messages are beautiful giant male energies with large wings.... I also have a lot of relatives from this life time and past life times. Also Aramaic/Hebrew speaking grandmas. They actually speak Aramaic and hebrew to me which is perfect since my husband is from Israel and for the most part can translate what they are saying. HAHAHA :),there are no coincidences...


The bracelet idea first came to me several years ago when I was in Israel visiting the Kotel. The oldest man I've ever seen came up to us and tied red strings our wrists and gave us the most beautiful blessing. When I finally had a chance to get to the wall all I could repeat was to help us protect the ones we love. As I was walking backwards I kept thinking wow, I wanted to pray for a mansion or you know...but it was if something took over me and that's ALL I could say or write.


Years later I found myself in a local gift shop here in Los Angeles. Under the counter was this stretchy gemstone bracelet... but they wanted $900 for it.


I started looking online for a gemstone beaded bracelet and didn’t like anything I saw. Upon looking online though I read about protection spells and love dips and different clearing rituals for crystals. It really felt low frequency to me though and nothing spoke to my soul or really was in alignment with my spiritual beliefs. 


Then I remembered that I had a huge box of crystals in my closet. About a year before that, I went to a "spiritual healer" I can't say the experience was necessarily amazing but I did leave with the suggestion to buy Obsidian and Labradorite so I bought a bunch of beads and then never did anything about it. 


What really urged me to put a bracelet together was the fact that I was being abused at work by a man in the lighting department. He was anti-semitic and made fun of my Star of David necklace. He would attack me any moment he saw me alone and he was an older man, older than my parents. It was a horrible experience and I found myself crying in the bathroom at some point, a girl on set told the producers and the bully did get fired and she got promoted to with a speaking role...I got nothing  except continued bullying and harassment from the rest of the lighting crew. Some people on that show got severely injured as well..it was...a crazy show. I am telling you the Hollywood industry is mean and can be dangerous. 


I really wanted help and was desperate for it. I remember feeling really good after going to the hotel and seeing the man who seemed to be 200 I AM NOT KIDDING he looked 200 and I BELIEVE he was an Angel. I thought I am going to finally make a bracelet and it is going to be my angel protection bracelet. 


That same weekend I had to pick up a violin stand and there is a bead store right next door to it, I went in and bought some more gemstone beads mostly little stars and hearts lol...I spent $300 hahahaha...whoops....and the ladies there taught me how to make a bracelet and supplied me with the bracelet making tools.


Sunday night, I went straight to work and made my very special gemstone bracelet and I loved it but then I heard a voice say that I needed to make 2 more. That someone was going to ask me for my bracelet and I would need to give another one away and I would know who they were that needed them.


At work the next day the lead actress gave me a rubber bracelet that said "I survived second unit" and it had the tv show name on it and right then I felt a sharp pain where I was wearing my three gemstone bracelets and I heard the voice say her her her, then I blurted, “ I have a bracelet for you too!” I gave it to her and she lit up, “I love it!” she put it on and asked if I had any she could buy then told me I needed to be on Etsy.  Just then another girl who works in props said, “I want one too!” So I said “I have one for you too!” Then I gave her my other bracelet and she said, “ I feel better with this on.”  And I said, “Me too,” because the sharp pain went away.


After that I went to work making as many bracelets as I could, I was not sleeping…I was determined to make a bracelet for almost every crew member I could on that set . I wanted to be fair. Everyone loved their bracelets and encouraged me to open up an Etsy shop. So here it is and I do hope it brings spiritual healing for both of us, I hope it really does serve as a reminder that we do have angels watching over us and sometimes challenges lead us to greater things, bigger than ourselves. ! We are all on this journey together and no person is an island.


When you purchase from my shop you are also making a contribution to charities and animal rescues. Our focus is on the empowerment of women, because we believe women are the key to world peace. We have a very special place in our heart for small children, endangered species, the planet and horses. So we do our best to donate what we can for them. Sometimes I ask people to donate to a charity in lieu of paying me.


Keshet means Rainbow and is my Hebrew name. I asked God to help me choose a name and closed my eyes and opened the Tanakh I have from College and there it was a rainbow on the page over the section about the covenant between man and God that he would never destroy the earth with rains...and this sign of the covenant would be a rainbow.And to see a rainbow prism on the actual page...I took a photo of it actually.  I argued with God about this name but for the rest of the day...I would hear rainbow songs such as "Somewhere over the rainbow." and Receive messages in my emails and see them everywhere. Rainbow...finally I agreed with God that Rainbow it would be aka Keshet. :) And the Rabbis accepted this as my Hebrew name :)


One of my goals is to spread love and to make this world just a little bit easier and a little bit more loving for you if you choose it.




Crystals and gemstones have been used for many centuries. More than 3,000 years ago, the Jewish people, we believed that a gem could hold power and we used a gem for each of the 12 tribes. The Hoshen was a breastplate worn by a high priest and there were stones placed in it and used to determine the will of Hashem in a particular situation .

“And you shall set it with four rows of mounted stones; the first row: a ruby, an emerald, and a topaz. The second row: a carbuncle, a sapphire, and a quartz crystal. The third row: a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst. The fourth row: a chrysolite, an onyx, and an opal. These stones shall be placed in gold settings. The stones shall contain the names of the twelve children of Israel, one for each of the twelve stones; each one’s name shall be engraved as on a signet ring, to represent the twelve tribes.” (Ex. 28: 17-21)

These are historical believes that people used to believe about crystals and gemstones: 

Is a grounding stone and was used for good for protecting the wearer from psychic attacks & abuse
* Root Chakra

Mother of Pearl:
Was believed to bring harmony in relationships, calm the wearer from emotional situations, promote cooperation and imagination *Heart Chakra

Baroque Fresh Water Pearl:

Was anciently believed to give the wearer a sense of calmness and centeredness, promoted faith, loyalty, truth and purity, enhanced, personal integrity,  * Heart Chakra

Protection from outside negativity, eases panic attacks, increases self confidence and encourages emotional stability * All Chakras

Tiger Eye:
Attracts wealth and property, helps us recognize our talents and accomplish goals *Solar Plexus Chakra

Rainbow Moonstone:
Stone of new beginnings and opportunity, Calms emotions and nervous system, Encourages the wearer to let go of what no longer serves them, aids the female hormonal system *Third eye Chakra

Stone of protection, intuition, strength, stimulates the imagination and helps the wearer overcome creative blocks *All Chakras

Wonderful stone for balancing female energies, encourages the wearer to speak from the heart, promotes compassion, soothes negative energy and stress * Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz:
Stone of unconditional love, encourages love, trust and forgiveness, opens your heart to share and receive love and kindness *Heart Chakra

Crazy Lace Agate:
This is a balancing and protecting stone. It brings laughter, absorbs emotional pain and helps one stay focused. Crazy Lace Agate is used to help with decision making by balancing the physical, emotional, and mental so that it is easy to make decisions.

Stone of manifestation, attracts wealth and prosperity, increases self esteem and confidence, reduces worries and fears, inspires spiritual growth, *Crown Chakra

Decreases anxiety, releases one from self destruction to themselves and to others, calms & balances emotional shock to the wearer, stimulates forgiveness and unconditional love inward and outwards *Heart Chakra

Ice Quartz:
Balances and purifies energy, helps the wearer overcome negativity, helps align the wearer with their soul purpose in this lifetime * All Chakras

Is the birthstone for May, it restores confidence and helps revive old passions. It is a great support stone for the workplace by increasing mental acuity, strengthening memory and inspires eloquence in speech. ** Heart Chakra

helps in recovering balance, and is recommended for those suffering from disorientation, lack of motivation, chronic disorganization, and distraction. It strengthens the resolve to take on responsibility and carry through, and provides self-assurance and endurance in adverse situations. It is an excellent source of energy when used for the elimination of debt and the responsible management of money.

Tourmaline is the birthstone for the month of October
Black Tourmaline:
This is a grounding and very protecting stone, a stone of purification, cleansing the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger or feelings of unworthiness. 

Pink Tourmaline:
This may help to release stress, worries, depression and anxiety. It can be used in partnership with Black Tourmaline to diffuse obsessive behavior.

Green Tourmaline:
This attracts luck, success, abundance and prosperity. It inspires creativity, and may be used to project, create and manifest one's goals. It might also increase one's opportunities to earn a second income by turning an interest or hobby into a business.

Tourmalated Quartz:
AKA tourmaline in quartz, is an excellent protective stone, and brings balance and inner strength. It deflects and grounds negativity, and reduces anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Rutilated Quartz:
This is said to be very helpful in uncovering the causes of mental issues and hang-ups. It is reputed diminishes fears and be excellent at assisting with decision-making processes. It is said that it can also ease loneliness and relieve guilt thereby bringing happiness.

Lapis Lazuli:
Is an excellent stone for actors, writers, lawyers and archealogists or any public performance related area, wear or carry lapis with you to interviews and auditions. In the workplace, it attracts promotion, success and lasting recognition or fame. 
*Third eye and throat chakra

This is a stone of inspiration, it enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit.
*Heart and Crown Chakra

Hematite is a stone that is most commonly and is used to ground or stabilize and for protection. It can help with original thinking, logical thinking, and mathematics, any type of thinking which requires significant mental organization.
*Root Chakra

This Bracelet was blessed with a protection spell and some crystals were given a love dip before they were put together.

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