These facial mists are filled with beautiful frequencies from crystals, minerals and infused with essential oils.  

Spray 2-4 times all around your head and face and breathe in each beautiful aroma while setting your intention. 

Love Mist: Allow the vibrations of unconditional love to permeate your energy field with this wonder filled spray. Release past angers and hurts. Let love bring you back into balance. Made with the energetic frequency of these crystals and minerals: Citrine, Quanyin Quartz, Ruby, Blue Topaz and essential oils Amber, Honey Rose, Rosewood, Sandlewood and Eucalyptus.

Moon Goddess: Honor the feminine in Nature, the earth and each other. Open intuitive pathways! Balance logic, patience and reflection. Made with the energetic frequency of these crystals and minerals: Apopholite, Moldivite, Lapis, Lepidolite and essential oils Amber, Sage, Frankincense and orange.

Calming: Spray into the as reflective waters emerge out of the fog. Take a deep breath and ... feel your feet. Made with the energetic frequency of these crystals and minerals: Dragon Quartz, Rose Quartz and White Pearl and essential oils Grapefruit, Frankincense and Verbena.

Embrace AbundanceOpen the doorway through which the universe can shower you with all of the gifts and wealth that is rightfully yours! Made with the energetic frequency of these crystals and minerals: Rose Calcite, Kyanite Gold, Jade, Ruby and Blue Topaz and essential oils Juniper, Cedarwood and Honeysuckle. 

Crystalline Essence products are all hand made by Gina Covel, RN, Vibrational Alchemist and Master Dowser.

Vibrational Sprays by Crystalline Essence

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