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San Diego Mini Vacay

Soooo my husband wanted to take me out on a Birthday adventure but a local one. And well…I have never been to Seaworld so we went to Trip Advisor and saw a great deal for Paradise Point Resort and Spa. We booked it for two nights and asked one of my dear friends to house sit and watch our little fur babies. Then we drove toward our adventure. 1st stop, San Diego’s Little Italy

This was an awesome place to go since I have celiac disease and am allergic to milk. This place had the BEST salmon and the BEST Chocolate cake with ice cream…multiple sensations were happening all inside of my mouth and my husband sneakily recorded me eating. Civic 1845 is where we dined :) I had the salmon and veggies below!

Parking was very tricky…very difficult actually but the angels found us a spot and there was a cute little gift shop right in front of our spot so we had a little looksee

Then we arrived at Paradise Point Resort and Spa and I was very worried because this place does not get amazing reviews but it IS a spa and it IS across the street from Seaworld....but to our amazement it was just fine! even had a closed off room with a couch that folds into a bed and a tv if you have children or a fur baby that needs his/her own room :)

The next day we woke up early got a quick breakfast to go from Barefoot Bar and took a $4 lift ride to SEAWORLD :) FYI do not worry about your hair because it gets wet there. You definitely need to do the dolphin experience or at least one of them :) the dolphin below is a grandma! She is 43 and she has a daughter and a grand daughter there are the park. Most dolphins like this only live to be about 12 years old in the wild. I really love that animals parks like this exist because they do a lot to rehabilitate and release also they teach children to recycle and take care of the animals and the planet.

We arrived back to our hotel and had a nice happy hour dinner at the Barefoot Bare and grill ... also an adult beverage :) then woke up early the next day and headed to San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I love that park so much. They teach children to not poach or trophy hunt also they are doing everything they can to save animals that are endangered. They are trying to impregnate their Southern white Rhinos with Northern White Rhinos because we only have 2 Northern white rhinos in the world. Animals just are not safe in the wild anymore. Poachers and trophy hunters are murdering them all.

Some zoos and animal sanctuaries are our only hope before we loose some of these magical creatures forever.

One of my favorite things about the Safari park though was Lorikeet landing! The parrots land on you to drink nectar but I think the parrots who decided to land on me, were more interested in my bracelets.

If you want to roast marshmallows on an open fire, you can get the supplies at the local market at Paradise Point or you can bring or have shipped firewood and marshmallows and they will hold onto your package!

-Paradise Point Resort and Spa

-Dolphin Encounter $65 Sea World

-Trip Advisor look for discounts

-San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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