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Hummingbirds and Turtles

I remember sitting in class and my rabbi saying, “…Animals are dumb they only eat and sleep, they don’t have jobs,” I freaked out. I said then what do you call a police dog or a worker bee? Huh? They have JOBS. Many animals save HUMAN LIVES or comfort the elderly. What do call those animals that work in TV and do tricks? That’s a job.

You see this is why my soul chose Judaism, I can argue all I want and I won’t be kicked out. I will be heard and we can even leave on terms that are, lets “agree to disagree….”

Many religions do not allow people to think or ask questions, but some movements of Judaism encourage you to ask questions and to argue.

Well one Christmas afternoon my husband and I ventured out to beautiful downtown Los Angeles. We drank almost an entire bottle of wine between the two of us. As we were leaving there was a store illegally selling tiny paired up baby turtles, they were in these little plastic boxes. My heart sank, baby I’m going to save one of these turtles and when it gets big enough I will release her in to the pond. We have a giant pond that already has lots of turtles in it. My husband agreed to let me, make a decision like this even though I had way too much wine.

I obviously have no children, just pets for now. I would sing to my turtles, they actually have a favorite song. I have a lot of fun buying aquariums and putting pretty things like castles and unicorns in there with them also gold fish…who are GIANT now. The smaller turtle who was always quite sickly liked to hang out on the unicorn so I named this one unicorn and the healthier one who was bigger liked the princess castle so I named this one Princess.

So after about a year I would take my turtles outside for walks so they could walk in the grass and feel the sun shining on their shells. But one day I was occupied with the tiny one, Unicorn and Princess decided to jump in the pond and swim far away from me.

I was devastated. This happened on Passover too…I prayed for her every day. I prayed for her safety and I prayed for her to be watched over.

So Unicorn seemed lonely and depressed at Princess being gone. I ordered a turtle who doesn’t get big, a razorback musk turtle and named him Merlin. But Unicorn hated him. Merlin would run up to him and stick his head underneath Unicorn and Unicorn would look at him like get away ...you..... you disgusting pink thing.

About two weeks later I felt my guides and my childhood cat, Sabrina’s presence. I just knew she was with me. So I went to my angel cards and got White Buffalo woman I don’t know why when I look at white buffalo woman I just think oh no my turtle needs me! Princess! Where is she/he! So I closed my eyes and had a conversation and said, “ If I am supposed to find Princess in that huge freakin 65 million gallon pond…then you need to put her on a rock that I can easily reach and send me a hummingbird or a butterfly and I will follow it to my turtle.” So about four hours later my cat and my angels came back and said it is time. So I put on ugly tennis shoes…just in case…and went outside where I was gracefully met by a hummingbird who flew in my face like a fly….a brilliant beautiful fly… I followed this hummingbird around my lake and then the hummingbird hovered very closely to my turtle.

There she was, I screamed, “PRINCESS!” Princess opened those tiny eyes and looked at my…lethargic ....get me out of here. Everything about her energy was …just…defeat. So I kneeled down and said, “Princess I am taking you home…you can jump back into the water if you want to be free but if you want to come back home stay and I will take you back home to Unicorn.” She/he looked at me and did not move ....was like please take me now.

At that point I had to stick one of my shoes in the nasty pond water to retrieve her (or him who knows really we will go with her)…I mean the fairies did do a good job getting her on that rock but yuck . gross. Lol

I held princess to my chest to keep her warm and cried all the way home. I thanked the hummingbird and the nature fairies and my cat Sabrina for bringing her back to me….I was so worried about her.

I put her in a small aquarium away from Unicorn and monitored her progress. I prayed for her a lot too. She seemed dehydrated. I put liquid vitamin in mouth and waited. After about 2 days she seemed like her normal self. I put her in the aquarium with Unicorn and they did a mating ritual dance …well that is exactly what it looked like…they were so happy to be re-united.

Unicorn was never healthy. He never grew. I just accepted that he was going to die and so he did. After all of that….UNICORN was the one who did not make it. I floated him off into the water on bunch or rose petals. It really broke my heart. I did everything I could for him. But those little turtles they sell really aren’t healthy to begin with.

So a few weeks after that I sat down and felt like my childhood cat who died when I was about 20 years old came to me….She was like a mom to me, but a cat…I know sounds weird right? Well! I could feel that same weird maternal but from a cat feeling and I just new it was Sabrina so I pulled some cards and there it was, white buffalo woman and then I saw my turtle…I saw Unicorn who gave me closure and told me it was not my fault, it was his time to go and he had to go that way. It was kind of Unicorn to come to me and give me that closure….what a sweet angel.

Sometimes when I’m giving people angel messages…I see their cats.. I have had quite a few cats actually. It is really amazing to get the validation from my clients that yes they did have a brownish orange cat that passed. Or yes that was their black cat etc…

Sometimes people need closure.

The truth is we all have souls. So continue to love your animals and animals on this planet with the most love and respect that we can! And don’t listen to your Rabbi if they try to tell you that animals don’t have jobs or souls one of the best jobs in the world is to love one another and I am very sure most animals do that !



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