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THE WeiGht of the WoRld

I have a neighbor. She is elderly and has a dog and osteoporosis. I like that she has a rescue dog. We both have rescue dogs, we are both Jewish, we live in the same city, in the same gated community, the same building, we are neighbors, we are both women...She is hunched over, as if the weight of the world permanently sits there. When I see her I must admit I try my best to correct my posture stand erect, nice and tall just like the ballet teachers told me. …But she never smiles…unless something malicious or cocky is about to escape her lips. We went to a community gathering once and my mom was in town visiting, this lady came up to my mother and smiled then said, “doesn’t your daughter look beautiful when she puts on make up?” She uttered a few more below the belt jabs. It makes me laugh actually and I never react or argue with her. She is alone. I guess that is what loneliness does to people. I started saying protection prayers so that I wouldn’t have to run into her when I was out walking my dog, sometimes I am lax and don’t do it, shame on me. I ran into her on one of those days that I don’t say my prayer and she asks me if I go to temple, if I go to service…I tell her sometimes, but mostly we just listen to podcasts and she exclaims that she is an atheist, she says, “God is dead, there is no God, the world with the way the world is how could there be a God…Prayer doesn't work!” she kind of rambled angrily I just looked down on her tiny little hunched over body, trying to keep my dog at bay because she has broken her hip when her dog has acted up…I did not know how to respond I was smiling and holding pity for her at the same time….I feel so much sadness for her…at the same time I love her and understand why she feels this way. I WISH I could wave a magic wand and take away all the pains in the world away from her, even if she has not showed me any kindness to speak of…lol she is the opposite of kind. But there is beauty, even where there is pain…there is love…love exists..I can see the little girl inside of her that just wants a big hug and someone to tell her that everything is going to be okay….the little girl inside her who is all but lost or forgotten… by perhaps, an overactive ego….

So I’m going to say this to you if you’re still reading this, don’t let the pain in this world ruin you. Focus on the joy. With every beautiful sunset you see, express gratitude, with every breathe you take, express gratitude …it will change your life….it will open you to more love….Love is the purest evidence we have of God and God’s existence. I’m so happy so many of us have not forgotten who we are. Be the love you crave to experience in this world and it will shine back at you and you will always know God. That weight in the shoulders, most of us feel it sometimes, but its not for us to carry alone. Shana Tova. Happy New year, may you have a year of gratitude, love, peace and joy.

This is an awesome video from Danapani! Please watch!

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