We we were called to help the women, children, endangered species and our planet. Here are some of the causes/ charities we are helping.

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We have so much to say.

Rant. wah. wahhh. wahhh

The fact of the matter is simple. Abortion is healthcare. A miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion, the treatment for a miscarriage is an abortion. Abortions are not performed on viable babies, that would be birth. What is at stake here is, bodily autonomy. If a government can ban abortion, a government can force abortion. China once forced abortion with their one child policy. This country was also subject of some articles and a documentary that claimed, they harvested warm organs from prisoners. Another claim with bodily autonomy at issue, is that they have taken a group of Islamic peoples, sterilized them and are holding them in concentration camps for assimilation. Speaking of assimilation, somebody in a forced birth state, Texas, is creating brain chips. They hope one day these chips will be like a computer inside the human brain...so you can conveniently take your computer with you everywhere you go. Interesting, since they still haven't quite figured out how to prevent computer viruses or hackings. Furthermore, choices between families and doctors should remain there, between families and their doctors. I am by no means an extremist and personally believe that religion, politics and sexuality should not be discussed until high school, unfortunately parents don't always teach their children proper etiquette on how to be respectful of others. It is my belief that Parents should be taking classes on these subjects so that they can then gather the information and figure out a way to teach their children to not be bullies to people who are different than they are. Then if their kid does bully and causes harm and disrespect in the classroom, those parents of the bully should have to pay for a fine which should be given to both the victim and the teacher. Usually bullies are being abused at home, so maybe, bullies should be evaluated for abuse? Too many children have taken their own life far too soon just because of bullies...its interesting to see so many adult bullies online...that are older than my mother. I respect and value most people I meet and wish love and compassion for all families. It is none of my business what they  do in their private time, but there is no place in this planet for riots and looting...both extremists are doing this. Four cops took their own lives after being brutally attacked, many had heart attacks and strokes....how can one say they are "pro-life," and yet urge this type of violence and do this to fellow American citizens? Shame on you. It seems both sides are pretty extreme and neither can understand or have enough empathy to really grasp where the other group is coming from....so I will say it again to the people in the back...bodily autonomy for all citizens is what is at stake here, please don't force your beliefs on others....respect and love one another. 

In Judaism it is our belief that the mother's life always comes first and that life does not begin until first breath as it is written in the Torah. Genesis 2.7, which states, " וַיִּפַּ֥ח בְּאַפָּ֖יו נִשְׁמַ֣ת חַיִּ֑ים וַיְהִ֥י הָֽאָדָ֖ם לְנֶ֥פֶשׁ חַיָּֽה " I guess if you can't read that without googling it, then you probably shouldn't be telling Jewish people what their own bible says. I could also bring up Exodus and other religious texts but those who belong to cults are incapable of critical thinking. The only way to really leave a cult is to physically leave a cult and all of the people tied to it.... This is one of the reasons going away to a University, or living overseas, alone, is important for a person's growth. No going to the military doesn't count, as that is basically leaving one tribe or group and just joining another. Everyone must experience the feeling of being a stranger in a strange land. If you have never been a stranger in a strange land, how can you ever have empathy for the immigrant next to you? Among many skills, going to University or moving overseas for more than a year, can teach a person to possess, critical thinking skills...without critical thinking skills, one can't debate. Most religions are cults and people in those types of groups can't debate, they can only regurgitate the script they've been handed. They live in a constant state of fear. God teaches us to make decisions based in love. If you love yourself, you will take good care of the vehicle  that your soul is temporarily living in. Taking care of yourself means,  not denying yourself of health, whether it is physical or mental well-being...each are health... the medical tools and medical professionals that exist, are here for our benefit, that is why God has let them be and exist and grow. 

It is my knowing that God gave us choices, if we did not have freewill, we would not be perfect creations of God. God tells us that before we are in the womb, we are and that God knew us. If a soul wants to be here, it will, if God wants a soul to be here, it will. 

Global warming is real. And I would like to stop having the nightmares that I have. So please wake up. In this year, our choices are clear to choose a democratic candidate or at least the ones who are available to us that grant bodily autonomy to all, privacy to all, fair equitable measures to all. Maybe you don't want your tax dollars going to someone's education, but maybe they don't want their tax dollars going to a billionaire who doesn't actually need it. Maybe you don't want your tax dollars to fund an abortion, but maybe they don't want their tax dollars to go towards the healthcare you require because perhaps you ate too many French fries and hamburgers and never took vitamins nor exercised. Maybe you don't want things to change and maybe things need to change. There is drought, famine, disease, fires and floods in every corner of the earth. This is a time to save our planet. This is not the time to have little petty fights. There is a bigger picture and I urge all of us to do what is best for the greater good. I urge all of us to come together and figure out what we are going to do to make this planet healthier....stop ignoring science....there are jobs to be had in green energy and if you don't believe in science, ask God and your angels to give you some dreams...it would be nice if someone else could carry the load....you can have some of these dreams of what might be if we don't work together and vote for the ones who have the planet's survival at heart. Green energy --there are roads that charge cars as people drive, there are skyscrapers that have gardens growing out of windows, there are places without any homeless people...there is and there could be a balanced harmony everywhere ....but things have to change because this is not good right now and we have to make changes so we can be headed in the correct direction. Maybe all your dreams can come true, maybe the world can be better than any of us could have ever imagined...maybe there would be no crime, no war, no disease, no old man dictators...no fighting...maybe...but thats going to take work...and change...and change can be scary but all of us have been scared...thats something we all have in common whether are egos allow us to admit it or not. But as I see it from my dreams, the only thing we need to be scared about is the situation of the planet. Buy water.


Please give what you can to help fight for the healthcare of women and little girls. 
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Some of the organizations we support are:   www.internationalanimalrescue.org