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it's not just jewelry, its jewelry with a message

I Am Keshet's handmade Angel Protection Jewelry is Jewelry that we consider "wearable prophetic art." All designs are inspired by Heaven and they come with the option of an Angel Message. I am Keshet also uses a portion of its proceeds to  benefit animal rescues, children and women charities. Currently there is a long wait list, for my free messages, please be patient while we (me and the angels) try to finish messages as they come. When you purchase a bracelet you may receive a free healing scan done by me of your home and body, upon request.
Angel Protection Jewlery
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What is an



I am what some call a,"medium," but I do not conjure spirit, they come to me. An “Angel Message" is a message created for you from your Angels, spirit guides and Ascended Masters, but sometimes pets and loved ones chime in to say something...All jewelry comes with a small tiny little hand written message adding that personal touch, but you can purchase an angel message for an additional cost. If you purchase the angel message it will come to you typed, it can be 7-11 pages long.  This is a different experience for everyone as they come to us under their own free will. You may be told what you need to know the most at this stage in your soul's developing cycle. Usually they help you see your fears or your blocks and help you recognize and then move past those blocks so that you may move forward. There is a past present and future section, although I believe everyone has free will and your future is of your own making, but sometimes I do see clips of the future and they do come to pass. We always include little prayer cards with our items, you are welcome to alter these prayers however you please or regift them its up to you. Sometimes spirit shows up when I am creating or packing your items, if this happens I usually just scribble a little message from them to you. 

Have YOU received your angel message today?

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