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Protection Prayer

Lord God Almighty Master of the Universe, please cancel clear and delete all the effects of past negative thinking.Please cut the cords of low vibration such as fear that may have been blocking or draining me in the past. Please use your divine healing magnet to lift any low vibrational energies such as fear, anger, stress, or jealousy from my body -back, neck, and shoulders and replace those areas with High vibrational Loving bright white healing light. Please help me feel compassion for those who may have sent lower energies my way so that they may be healed by Divine love. I take three deep breaths and send all that no longer serves me to you for transmutation…( take three deep breaths) I am willing to trade all pain for peace. God please send your archangels and place them all around my family and I. Please place Archangel Michael on my right hand side, Archangel Gabrielle on my left, in front of me Archangel Rafael, behind me Archangel Uriel and above me the divine presence of you God. Please open doors I am supposed to walk through and gently close the doors I am not supposed to walk through. Fill my path with rainbow light, supportive people, joy, wealth, health and high vibrational energy -past present and future…help my family and I get everywhere we need to be on time safely and efficiently. It is my choice that only people, energies, frequencies and beings that are harmonious, complementary and supportive to your powerful Holy Divine God Force and Holy divine Light may participate and share in my energy today…..Thank you Thank you Thank you


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